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What is Teecity?

Teecity is a platform where anyone in the world can sign up, create and sell merchandise! We handle everything else! From the printing process, to fulfillment, to your door step so rest assured we strive for greatness and quality. Campaigns are ran by our sellers on our platform, and may be relisted when they end, however we encourage you to buy before they end to insure that you will get your item. Sellers may decide to never relist a campaign, so get it while you can! Our printing and production is also done once the campaign has ended. If you see the campaign has renewed, don't worry as your item then gets sent to production.

Please read through the FAQ below for quick access to some of our most common questions. If you still have a question, you can contact us by emailing We will get back to you usually within 1-2 days!


Where is my order?

Please be patient! Our products are custom printed for every customer so it does take more time than your standard online shopping order. Once the campaign has ended, we send our products to our printing facilities to to be custom printed. This process takes about 7-14 business days to complete and finalize, however it can take longer depending on our current production volume as each order needs to wait its turn. Once the products are printed and ready, we ship them out to you! You will get an email confirmation once your order has shipped with a tracking number to track its progress.

Shipping Delivery Estimates:

Orders shipped within USA will arrive in 3-8 business days.

Orders shipped to Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia will arrive in 14-21 business days.

Orders shipped to any other Worldwide location will arrive 14-25 business days.


Problem with your Payment Method?

We currently provide credit card checkout and paypal payment processing. If you have an issue with your credit card, please try with another card and double check your zip code. Another option is to try paying with Paypal instead. We currently do not offer any other payment methods beyond credit cards and Paypal.


What's your Cancellation Policy? I placed an Incorrect Order?

Due to the nature of custom printing apparel on demand, once an order is placed we cannot cancel it as stated in our Cancellation Policy. By purchasing from us, you have agreed to our policies. The full list of policies can be read here: Terms and Conditions. Please double check your cart and checkout before placing an order. We may be able to edit the size or style of the shirt if we are notified about the issue the same day, however we cannot make any guarantees. If you have incorrectly ordered too many units, most likely we have already placed the order with our manufacturer and our printing team has already begun production, thus we encourage all of our customers to double check their cart before placing an order for accuracy.


The First Time Customer Discount was not Applied?

From time to time we run promotions on our campaigns, the most common promotion we run is the first time customer discount. If this promotion is being run, then you will see a special one time offer after your initial purchase. The discount will be applied to any products you purchase beyond the initial purchase. If you have any questions regarding this or think there was a mistake, please let us know! Please note: Your initial order at this time will have already been processed and cannot be changed. Any discounts will only be applied to products being featured at that time to you. If you close your browser session, you will lose the discount, but your original order will still have been processed.


How do I Return / get a Refund?

Any apparel you receive that is incorrectly printed will be reprinted and replaced for you, free of charge. In order to get a replacement sent out, please send us a photo of the shirt and the issue, we will then place another order for you on our end to make up for the mistake. Since our apparel is custom printed for each customer, any sizing issues will be your responsibility to double check before placing an order with us. If you would like another order at a discount due to a size issue, we can gladly help you out with that. Send us an email at to request another item if there is a misprint, or if you'd like to purchase another size at a discount.


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